Monday, 21 January 2013

Showcase: Carcharodons Tactical Space Marine Sergeant.

Carcharodons Tactical Space Marine Sergeant.

Hi guys, here is one of the last Carcharodons space marines i ever painted. (In fact I am sure it was the last)
This one used lots of different parts to create the exact pose i wanted and it came off rather well if I dont say so myself.

I tried to use a couple more techniques on this guy, namely just only using a base colour, a shade, and one highlight. amazingly I think it worked really well, although I think the main reason for that is because Grey is a very forgiving colour.

Have you ever painted Grey marines? How did you get on?

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  1. I'm painting a batch of Red Scorpions right now and I've found that less is just as good when it comes to the Greys. My first few models had 4-5 layers of dark to light greys but by the end I just had a darker base coat, black wash, medium gray on flat surfaces, and light grey for highlights. These look great though.

    1. Hi mate, cheers for the comments. ahh yes Red scorpions. those guys do look a little more interesting to paint. at least you get the red and yellow accents to liven things up a bit!
      4-5 layers would take way to long for me these days haha.