Friday, 18 January 2013

The Showcase Section.

The ShowCase Section
 On this page you will find links to all completed models and projects, feel free to comment on what you find!

Carcharodons Space Marines Standard Bearer/Objective Marker
Carcharodons Space Marine Drop Pod
Carcharodons Space Marines Forge World Jetbike.
Caarcharodons Tactical Marine Sergeant.
Carcharodons tacticals squad 1

Warhammer 40k, Tyranid Warriors.

X-Wing Asteroids Terrain.
Star Wars Death Star Turret Diorama.
Millenium Falcon, Revell Mini Kit.

Rainbow Warriors/Legio Spectra Space Marines Captain Lysander.

Raven Guard Tactical Space Marine Sergeant

Minotaurs Space Marine Assault Terminators
Minotaurs Space Marines Terminator Librarian

Imperial Fists Vindicators.
Imperial Fists Land Speeders
Imperial Fists Space Marine Razorback
Imperial fists Sniper Scouts
Imperial Fists Terminator Captain.
Imperial Fists Space Marine Whirlwinds.

Wills Imperial Fists.
Wills imperial fists part 2

Imperial Guard Sentinel
Aliens Colonial Marines Themed Imperial Guard
Aliens Colonial Marines Imperial Guard Company Commander

Necromunda Gangers

DIY: Realm Of Battle Game Board
Cities of death ruins

Battlefleet gothc Rogue Trader Fleet

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  1. I find you did stunning resolution the moment when you choose this theme of the article of yours here. Do you as a rule compose your blog articles on your own or you work with a partner or even a helper?

    1. I wrote most of them myself it that helps? some are guest posts.