Sunday, 20 January 2013

Showcase: Carcharodons Space Marine Forge World Scimitar Jetbike.

 Carcharodons Forge World Jetbike

Hi guys, i have almost finished showing you all the rest of my Carcharodons Marines stuff but there are a few left to show you. i completed this piece just after i got it at Games day last year. (and what a waste of time and money that it!)

It really was a joy to paint, and luckily it was a decent cast. so no complaints were needed!

The kits comes with a few different weapon options but i only painted up a couple of them.

I contemplated texturing the base but ended up leaving it plain as i think it saves detracting from the model itself.

 I think this is one of the first times i tried out my new metal painting techniques and it definately worked. i'm still using it now.

I didnt even use masking tape to do the stripes, all i used was a steady hand and a long bristled brush! STEADY!

Although this isnt technically for Carcharodons as its in the legions list, i thought i wanted it to fit my army rather than a random chapter.

 What was your favorite chapter from the Badab war books? Did you paint any?

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  1. You could field it as an Attack Bike from vanilla SM Codex, or even a vanilla SM Master of the Forge on a bike with Conversion Beamer? Then you get to use it in 40K.

    Love the paint job and always great to see more grey marines, I love 'em. Relictors scheme is basically same but with skulls rather than sharks!

    1. Hi mate, indeed that was the plan, either to use it as an attack bike or maybe even a bare bones speeder.

      never thought of the MOF though!

      As to grey marines, yeah i like the look, but i find i soon get bored of painting them.

      You have to keep up the Relictors though, theres not enough of them around!

  2. Nice work on the Jetbike - though it seems like it should be more than just a Jet*bike* somehow. The dirty/worn grey scheme you've used is very effective. I'd like to get hold of a squadron of these one day, but it's a matter of getting around to allocating FW that much money!