Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Rogue Trader Era Space Marine Art collection. (Including the Emperors last selfie)

 Rogue Trader Era Space Marine Art collection.

The iconic frontispiece of Rogue Trader by John Sibbick. The heroic last stand of the Crimson Fists Chapter against orks. its often repeated, but in my opinionb the original is by far the best!

I really like the 80's comic art influence in this picture. '80s comics, being a child of that decade, are always a favourite of mine.

Early Space marine fluff! note Spacewolves is all one word. 
crimson fists were a big deal back then!

Old style rank badges, Forge world are jumping on this nowadays.

This image is rather bizarre. mercenaries perhaps?

Is that the rebel alliance on Endor?

Is that a Genestealer up there?
Oh how i miss the rainbow warriors.

Looks like marines sometimes moonlight as local PDF?

Looks like this marines first go on a jump pack! "How do i stop?!?!"

Love this image.
Graphic battles scenes; gritty but not grimdark. I cant work out what chapter this is!
More grisly trophies. But this appears to be a Blood Drinker.

Sinister Marines pose with their weapons. Is that some type of Las weapon?

The fluid style gives this picture an immediacy. Is this Silver Skulls?. 
More hideous marines with bizarre weapons. Conversion beamers perhaps? probably Dark angels.

Is this guys head made of stone??
I miss the old school flamers!

Now, what is going on here? the visor looks very interesting!
Is this the RavenSpire?

this guy is most probably an Iron Hand!

As well as this guy. nice footwear!

Is that some version of a Gargant? or random Xenos?

Whatever happened to the squats?

Close combat carnage.
  These marines look just like the RT plastic ones released in 1987. I loved the RTB01 set.
The emperors last selfie.

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