Saturday, 19 January 2013

Doping in wargaming. Could it be a problem?

Doping in War gaming, could it be a problem?

 So there are a lot of wargames out there to play. I'm assuming by the fact youre reading this that you yourself play or even know about wargames to a certain extent.

My question is thus, how stable is your opponent?

This gentleman, if not photo shopped is probably on some kind of drugs.

Do you ever have those days where your opponent does not seem "normal"?
A lot of people would say this is due to that person just perhaps being a "little odd" a "crazy guy" or they are "A character" (i hate that phrase!)

Doping in 2013 a problem?

But have you ever considered that your opponent is on drugs? I'm not into drugs myself but wondered what sort of an effect they could have on the game.

In sports "Doping" is considered VERY bad. Just ask Lance Armstrong..

Lance Armstrong, Currently In the news for Doping

In sports its considered bad because the Drugs themselves can give the person an "unnatural" advantage, thus being unfair. However in wargaming is this the case? If someone was on the sport Doping drugs, i am not sure they would have any effect, something like Steroids is more of a supplement and you might not even notice a difference apart from from maybe some over grumpy testosterone effects!

The sort of drugs you could expect to see your average (or not average if they are drug users) taking are more recreational. Cannabis, Cocaine, LSD perhaps... you know the sort of things.

Anyway, would the use of any of these drugs aid a player in any way? imagine if you lost a tournament toi a player then heard he was on drugs at the time. Should that player be disqualified?

A Fictional Drug User

 Is there a place for Drug tests in the high profile tournaments? Have you ever played anybody you KNEW was on drugs at the time? how did that go?

what are your views?

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  1. Hi there. Interesting topic, and though I doubt that drugs would actually enable a gamer in an advantageous way, I would like to put in a word.
    I am a recreational cannabis user and I love gaming while high. It has very positive effects on mood, and creativity. This means that while gaming, my imagination is running at full capacity; a very enjoyable state.
    I don't mean to promote drug use, and I hope it doesn't come off that way, I'm simply hoping to avoid a negative stigma that may be associated with marijuana in the gaming community, and present a simple fact; it's a lot of fun, and that's why we game in the first place right?
    Sorry to stay anonymous, but, you know.
    and thanks for bringing up interesting topics for discussion.

    1. Hi, Thanks for taking the time to comment!
      If you want to use something that you enjoy and are aware of all the risks, both legal and health wise then thats your perogative.
      I'm not the sort of person to judge anyone either way unless it affects me directly usually.
      It doesnt sound to me like you are promoting drug use, just you do what you want to do to maximise YOUR gaming experience.
      To be honest i wasnt aware of a stigma in the gaming community, only the stigma in life itself.

      Again thanks for your comments!