Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Forge world warlord Titan revealed!

Hi guys. Well in today's visual feed, it would appear the warlord Titan has finally been revealed!
Just in time for the release of tempest.
Here's a screen shot or 2!


  1. Not to be the naysayer here...... But, that looks more like a knight to me than a titan.
    Look at the hips and you'll see surprising similarities to the errant and paladin. Even looking at how the legs are joined to the hip just looks like a reinforced castigator waist.
    Saying that though it does have the big or do titanicus symbol on its thigh armour...

    1. Having watched the vid, it does appear beside the reaver for a few seconds and does look bigger than it

  2. It does have two shoulder-mounted weapons, which is standard armament for all generations of Warlord Titan - Reavers only have one, and Warhounds (and Knights) none.

    To me it looks like they've moved away from the blocky version from 3rd edition Epic, towards a heavily modernized version of the "Beetleback" type from Adeptus Titanicus. That update involved picking up design cues from modern Knights, I suppose.

  3. Aye she looks bigger than the reaver in the video.