Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Showcase: Revell Mini Kit Millenium Falcon.

 Revell Mini Kit Millenium Falcon

Hi guys, if you remember i purchased a Revell Mini kit Millenium Falcon for use as scenery in my X-Wing games. You can see that post  HERE
Well i finally finished assembling the Revell Mini Kit Millenium Falcon , with a little help from my 3 year old daughter! It really was that simple. Anyway, i added extra glue as it was a snap together kit ready for destruction later.

Today i thought i would show you some pictures of what the Revell Mini Kit Millenium Falcon looks like before i wreck it!

Revell Mini Kit Millenium Falcon
Revell Mini Kit Millenium Falcon 2
Revell Mini Kit Millenium Falcon 3

Next up will be the "wrecking it" phase! Stay tuned!

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