Thursday, 17 January 2013

Showcase: Minotaurs Assault Terminators.

 Showcase: Minotaurs Assault Terminators.

I did these gents a couple of years ago and feel i should share them with you.

Minotaurs Assault Terminators
With all the Space Marine Love in the Badab War and Horus Heresy at the moment i thought it would be a good time to share.

These Space Marine Minotaurs Terminators are armed with Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields. The shields were from Scibor Miniatures with the details on the front sanded down.

I think this was the first time i tried to do white marble on the Terminator Sergeants Thunder Hammer, i am not sure if i have tried it since...

Apart from a couple of things i have missed (re glossing the gems and lenses, oh and a name scroll!) These are done! I found it super hard to get decent pics tonight, i am not sure why but here we are! I was especially happy with the weathering on the storm shields.

I hope you like them! They were for yet another Aborted project, this time i was going to do a full army of minotaurs space marines..
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  1. Simply amazing love the shields I take it you free-handed them if so how I cannot freehand for spit. Have a good "copy jutsu" as it were for instructional painters have mastered buypainted's ability's from youtube have yet to find anything decent on mini freehand so yea cant draw. One last thing the marble hammer rocks heh ok bad joke still love it want instruction teach eeet.

  2. This scheme is incredible, really great work. Can you share the paints/steps you used??? Thank you!!!