Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Did the Rainbow warriors become the Emperors children?

So as per title really, after working on my RW marines, i noticed the chapter badges were rather similair, for the RW, its a wing with a "point" the emperors children also have a wing, with a "talon" this could easily be a more refined version of the more basic RW logo.

See pic here...

Now could it be possible the RW BECAME the emperors children at a concept/design level? (not in the fluff) as the RW dont tend to show up in GW publications much, if at all after the introduction of the Emperors children, which i BELIEVE to be in ther adeptus titanicus boxed set.

Did someone at GW one day say, hey these guys with a crazy name, should we rename them? and make them purple instead of blue?

Then again, in a recent Heresy novel, "the reflection crack'd" Fulgrim and his legion visit the planet "prismatica" and the rianbow warriors are said to herald from "prism" are these the same planets? there are mentions of multi coloured rainbows in the sky in that novel on that planet...  could there be a link here somewhere? (again from the perspective of the emperors children?)

Maybe the fluff will come full circle and tell us the remaining loyalist emperors children were renamed the "rainbow warriors" thats somethin gi CAN see happening...

Wait and see i guess!

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  1. If that's the case, then the Dark Eagles could of been EC as their chapter symbol is a wing with an orb at the tip. Or even the Ravenwing could of been, their company symbol is very close to the old legion.


    1. Hi mate, yeah you're probably right, I'm over analysing a little. Its funny you say about the raven wing, becuae i saw their new pads on the new bikers and thought they would be perfect for my army haha,