Saturday, 15 December 2012

SciFiWargamers Tutorials Section.

SciFiWargamers Tutorial Section
Alongside my first founding painting tutorials, i now have this section on general modelling and painting.

This list will be continually added to so keep checking back for more!

Painting Tutorials:
How to paint Metal

 How to paint hazard stripes

 How to make your own weathering powders

 Cork basing tutorial

 Foam castle terrain

 How to use salt for weathering effects

 How to make your own barbed wire
 Method 2

 how to paint a plague bearer of nurgle

How to make rivets

 How to create snow bases

 How to make flyer bases

 How to do OSL with airbrush or normal brush

 How to paint screamers of tzeentch

Hobbying Tutorials:

How To Clean Forge World Resin Parts

 DIY cheap and easy Lightbox 

First founding Space marine painting tutorials collection

Here i will put a collection of painting tutorials for all the first founding chapters out there i come accross. more to be added as and when i find them!

1st legion: Dark angels
Dark angels tutorial 1 (video)

method 2

3rd legion: Emperors children
Emperors children tutorial 1

4th Legion: Iron Warriors
Iron warriors tutorial

5th Legion, White Scars
How to paint white scars

6th Legion, Space Wolves.
How to paint space wolves

7th Legion, Imperial Fists
Imperial fists

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