Saturday, 15 December 2012

Hot wargaming chick.

Hey all, though i would share this with you all.

i dont know who this young lady is but apparently she plays wargames.

nobody like this plays near me!

oh well!

Here she is!

So it appears she has her own blog too! here it is:
sadly it looks like it hasnt been updated in a while! booo!
hopefully i can get her to do a guest post someday!

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  1. From what I gather she did a kickstarter and disappeared. Haha, she has brains too, crafty devil.

    1. Haha so she took the money and ran?

  2. No she did not, she is still very much active in 40k, fantasy and Malifaux. She took the money and invested it in equipment that upped the quality of her product, just as she said she would. She also gave everything she promised she would when she set up the indiegogo, handwritten notes, codex, hand made chocalates etc.

    The fact that you have to post on nothing but her looks, shows a huge lack of maturity and respect. Joey Berry has been a breath of fresh air to the community, she took a hobby that is dominated by one sex and showed it can be enjoyed by all and that for the most part male gamers are more than just perverts that drool over the pretty girls. She has also been an inspiration to other female YouTube hobby talent and the whole 'community' is better for it.

    Sure she is pretty and it would be so easy to use her looks to generate viewers but she has not. Joey has shown herself to be inventive, original and talented and her videos are well put together and dellivered in an intelligent and wit filled way.

    I encouarge any and all of your readers to follow her on YouTube, Facebook and twitter, I don't think they will be dissapointed.

    1. Oh wow, handmade chocolates? i wish i got in before it got kickstarted!

      Well im glad shes doing good in whatever it is she does! i invite her here to say hi!

  3. I'd always be up for guest posting :) thanks for the kind words. I'm definitely still active in the wargaming scene. Still very much a beginner though :)


    1. Hi Joey, wasnt expecting to see you here! *embarrassed*
      Yeah We'd love to have you Guest post.
      Drop me a line at and we can work something out!
      Cheers for visiting!