Thursday, 14 May 2015

Top 5 Dark Angels space marine Cosplays.

Top 5 Dark Angels Cosplays.

Hi guys, well heres a bit of fn, my top 5 dark angels cosplays.

5: this guys looks like he's enjoying his space marine armour. still looks like its made of paper though!
4: i know its 3 suits but they all look the same. they look good, although the heads look a lttle small! 

3: now this guy looks badass, however i don't like the hood!

2:this cosplay looks pretty much spot on. i love the pose!

1: this one wins! i know its the same as 3, but it looks so much better without the helmet.

do you agree with our rundown?

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  1. Is the last one not just computer generated? Doesn't look real to me!?

    1. i know what you mean looking at it again. now, im not so sure!!