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Units of the "Dark angels": Nephilim Jetfighter.

The units of the “Dark angels”: Nephilim Jetfighter

Units of the "Dark angels": Nephilim Jetfighter. 

Nephilim Jetfighter is a variant attack aircraft used exclusively by the Adeptus Astartes of the “Dark angels" and their successor chapters, known collectively as the “unforgiven” The Nephilim's primary role is an atmospheric interceptor, helping to keep the skies clear over the field of battle, protecting their brethren on the ground from the threat of an aerial attack. The Nephilim is indeed capable of flight in the void, but only for short trips, usually when deploying from an orbiting warship or perhaps “the Rock” itself. It has little combat capability outside of a planetary atmosphere.


Nephilim Jetfighters are sleek aircraft deployed from the fighter bays of The Rock or any of the Dark Angels’strike cruisers. Although sometimes given the task of escorting thunderhawk gunships to their drop sites, the main role for the Nephilim is as an interceptor intended to establish air superiority over the battlefield, allowing their brethren to concentrate on ground targets with little concern for aerial assault. Nephilim Jetfighters have only been used by the Dark Angels since the late 40th Millennium, when the Standard template construct or STC data for the improved engines which distinguish this aircraft was discovered while hunting a suspected Fallen, Baelor the Imposter, in the Nephilim Sector. Designated the Lionheart Engine, the technology was frequently used to modify older Imperial fighter designs, though many features were left in place to appease the aircraft’s Machine spirits. The end product was a more agile fighter with improved speed, even while carrying more powerful armaments. With a twin-linked Lascannon mounted in its nose, the Nephilim is ideally suited to bringing down aerial targets. It has proven itself a skilled combatant in this role on innumerable occasions. Nephilim Jetfighters have also proven more than capable in an anti-tank role as well. When fitted with an Avenger mega bolster, Nephilim have proven quite effective at raking through enemy armour, whilst their brethren on the ground equipped with the usual Lascannon make short work of the heavier vehicles.
Units of the "Dark angels": Nephilim Jetfighter.

To pilot such a swift attack craft, the Dark Angels have naturally turned to the Ravening, for the Astartes of the 2nd Company cultivate the skills needed for such rapid manoeuvres. Ever since its founding, all members of the Ravenwing have been trained to pilot any of the vehicles their company utilises in battle; however, it is the oversized 2nd and 3rd Squads that have traditionally served as the company's the frontline pilots. On the whole, the Dark Angels exhibit a general conservatism regarding their wargear, preferring the standard-issue weapons and vehicles that have served the Chapter for thousands of Terran years. Ravenwing pilots, however, do not show such obstinacy. While they revere the ancient relics that have been used in combat since the days of the Great Crusade, they continually push the Chapter’s Techmarines, for enhancements, modifications or newer aircraft, anything that can boost the speed with which they can take the fight to those who would deny the Emperor's will. Whatever the foe, the sleek Nephilim will guard the skies above their brethren, and the dark angels will rule the heavens.
Units of the "Dark angels": Nephilim Jetfighter.


The Nephilim Jetfighter is armed with a twin linked heavy bolter and usually a twin-linked Lascannon and possesses hard points that are usually fitted with 6 Blacksword missiles, These “blacksword”  missiles take their name from the ominous black contrails they leave in their wake, and are used primarily to bring down enemy flyers and light ground vehicles. When pursuing an anti-armour ground attack role, the Chapter’s Techmarines may replace the aircraft's twin-linked Lascannons with a potent avenger mega bolter, which fires explosive bolts intended to penetrate the heaviest of vehicle armour.
Units of the "Dark angels": Nephilim Jetfighter. picture from "dakka dakka"

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