Friday, 9 January 2015

Forge World Badab War pt 1...

Hi guys, so you remember the Badab war? yeah, Forge world made a big deal out of this a couple of years back and put some good work in.

Badab war

i really liked the way they updated a lot of old chapters, i.e. the space sharks becoming the Carcharodons etc.
badab war

What i would like to se is s bit more support for these chapters that they worked so hard on!

badab war
In actual fact i just want my Carcharodon decal sets back, or even better, shoulder pad and door sets!

Come on Forge world. help me out!
badab war

Inside this book are full histories and dispositions of the nine Space Marine Chapters who played the most significant part in the Badab War’s early stages. The Astral Claws, Fire Hawks, Marines Errant, Red Scorpions, Raptors, Novamarines, Fire Angels, Howling Griffons and Lamenters are each illustrated with extensive colour profiles. This volume also contains a complete army list, The Tyrant’s Legion, representing those forces that defended Huron’s conquered realms from the Imperium’s wrath, and a purpose-designed campaign system for you to re-fight your own Badab War. Also included are five unique campaign missions and a special Boarding Assault mini-expansion for Warhammer 40,000 that allows you to fight brutal ship-to-ship combats on the tabletop. 
Badab war
The full-colour, 208-page book contains 15 colour pictures, 120 full colour Space Marine infantry and vehicle profiles and 10 detailed colour star maps, as well as three new Apocalypse formations and twelve new special characters representing mighty warriors from the Space Marine Chapters featured in this book. Forge World’s book design team and Imperial Armour Writer Alan Bligh have done sterling work adding fantastic new depth to the Warhammer 40,000 universe. The book also contains a full colour, double sided poster containing a detailed Badab Sector map by Sam Lamont, and brand new Space Marine artwork by Paul Bonner. The contents for Imperial Armour Volume Nine can be found here

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  1. The book is splendid, but unfortunately, it did not become the great success they had hoped it would be. They should have made it a product range like Horus Heresy rather than just a couple of Imperial Armour books.

    1. Hey Revan,
      Hmm, i thought it was a success, so much in fact they used it as a spring board for the Heresy range? there were rumours they got the Mk2-6 marines out with this so they were already available for the heresy range.
      i could be wrong!