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How to paint Blood Angels.

Painting Blood Angel Space Marines
This is a tutorial for painting Blood Angel Space Marines to a good table top standard.

There are no majorly advanced techniques so hopefully any body will be able to pick up the tutorial and get their Blood Angels painted quickly and too a good standard ready for gaming.

Step by Step

Blood Angels Painting Tutorial Step 1
How to paint blood angels.
Step 1.
The first step of this tutorial after building your marines is a simple one. All that is required is to undercoat them all with a clean coat of games workshops mechrite red paint.

I've already added sand and detail to the model's base in this picture but this can be done when you've finished painting the model if you wish.
Blood Angels Painting Tutorial Step 2
How to paint blood angels.
Step 2.
For the next step simply paint the model with a coat of Blood Angels Red. You don't have to worry about being particularly neat with this coat or worry about it being completely even as both of these problems will be addressed later and it's better not to overload the model with paint.
Blood Angels Painting Tutorial Step 3
How to paint blood angels.
Step 3.
For this step apply a wash of Devlan Mud into all the recesses of the Space Marines armour. This will act as shading between all the different parts of the armour and may require a few applications to get just right

At this stage you should also apply the base colours for some of the other details. This was Scab red for the purity seal and Khemri Brown for the streamer.

You should also paint the eyes, the various gaps between the armour plates and the vents on the power pack with black.
Blood Angels Painting Tutorial Step 4
How to paint blood angels.
Step 4.
For the next step you need to go back over the marines armour with blood red making sure to leave all of the shading, created by the devlan mud wash between the armour plates, showing. This may need a few thinned layers to create a uniformed coat. It is also possible to add futher definition by gradually building up the color over a number of layers leaving the darker layers where there would be shading and having lighter layers up to pure blood red where the light would naturally hit the armour though this is not necessary.

The black areas should also be touched up if any red has gone on them. Then Boltgun Metal should be painted onto any metal areas and the eyes painted Dark Angels Green. I also painted the base black at this point.
Blood Angels Painting Tutorial Step 5
How to paint blood angels.
Step 5.
Step 5 adds some real definition to the model. For this step you should highlight all of the armour plates with Blazing Orange. I then normally add a futher extreme highlight of Vomit Brown to the armour but this is not necessary.

The metallic parts should be washed with Badab Black. The Purity Seal should be highlighted with Warlock Purple and it's streamer highlighted with Kommando Khaki. Then finally the eyes should be highlighted with Catachan Green.

Then the Chest Eagle Highlighted with a 2/1 mix of Codex Grey and Chaos Black. 
Blood Angels Painting Tutorial Step 6
How to paint blood angels.
Step 6.
This step will complete the majority of the model. The first thing that should be done is to apply a Baal Red Wash to all the armour plates. This will tie the highlights together and given a richer more natural look.

The purity seal should be highlighted with bleached bone and it's streamer highlighted with a 50/50 mix of warlock purple and bleached bone. The metallic parts that were washed previously should then be highlighted with Chainmail.

The eyes should then have an extreme highlight of Goblin Greenand the chest eagle given a highlight of straight Codex Grey.
Blood Angels Painting Tutorial Step 7
Blood angels
Step 7.
This is the final step and is just the final finishing touches to the model, you don't have to do all of this but it does add something extra.

The streamer for the purity seal should be given an edge highlight of pure white and then thin lines of Chaos Black should be applied across the streamer to simulate words.

The eyes should also be given a small dot of pure white in the corner.

The base of the model can then be completed and the whole model be given a coat of matt varnish. I tend to also give the eyes and any lenses a coat of gloss varnish to give them a shine.
Blood Angels Painting Tutorial Step 8
How to paint blood angels.
Step 8.
The gun can now be completed and glued to the model. I undercoat the guns with Chaos Black then paint on the metal areas with Boltgun Metal. The remaining black areas are then given a highlight of Codex Grey. The whole gun is then washed with Badab Black and the metal parts are given a final highligh of ChainMail.

For the Plasmagun I did the same as above but painted the coils of the gun with Regal Blue. This was then highlighted with Ultramarines Blue. Then the whole gun was washed with Badab Black before highlighting the coil further with a 50/50 mix of Ultramarines Blue to Skull White then a 30/70 mix and then an edge highlight with Skull White.
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