Monday, 18 March 2013

X-Wing: Secondary Weapon Systems- Cluster Missiles

Secondary Weapon Systems- Cluster Missiles

Hi guys, i felt you all needed to see this, this is originally from Clint over at the the metal so all credit goes to him for this!

Cluster Missiles (4)
Attack Dice: 3
Range: 1-2
Card Text: Spend your Target Lock and discard this card to perform this attack twice.
Usage: Effectively, you’re making two attacks at the same target with this card. This means that Focusing a Cluster Missile attack will only affect one of the two “ salvos” (ditto for someone trying to Focus their defense rolls), but that Marksmanship affects both “ salvos.” Generally, most folks opt for Concussion Missiles over Clusters, but I think both have their value. Clusters have the potential to generate more hits on targets with low Agility like Y-Wings. Against anything higher, the benefit of rolling six dice is lessened to a certain degree, especially against ships who can Evade as an Action.

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