Monday, 18 February 2013

Golden Demon 1988: Vignette (Diorama) Category,

 Golden Demon 1988: Vignette (Diorama) Category.

Hi guys, today I am going to share the results of 1988's Golden Demon , Vignette category with you. Thats the Diorama category to you new lot!
Anyway, lets begin.

We start off with two honourable mentions, 

Honourable mention 1: Dreadnought by J.S. Wildern

Well, its a space marine dreadnought, but look, the pilots alive! this is obviously rogue trader days! I like the amount of detail he's got in a small space. I like this piece.

Honourable Mention 2: Eldar Versus Imperial Guard(I think) by David Chauvel.

So i think thats an imperial guardsman there, fighting off some eldar. he appears to be using an autogun with a bent barrel! watch out!

3rd Place: "Orks in a Hut" by Ivan Bartleet.

 So here we have the third place piece. I myself think both of the Honourable mentions are better than this piece, but i am not the judge so its not up to me! I struggle to actually see the orks in the hut....

2nd place: "Eldar Walkers" by Paul Bensen.

Now this is a nice piece, Harlequin War walkers and wraithlord, sorry Dreadnought. Gotta give that freehand work credit!

1st Place: "Space Marine Attack Bike" by Callum Macdonald.

 Oh look, its a space marine piece in first place! I dont think this is anywhere near as good as the 2nd place eldar piece myself. Are those marines errant? Or nova marines?

So there you have it, do you agree with the standings? how would you place them?

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  1. Honorable mention #2 is Eldar vs IG Ogryn. Yeah the tip of his ripper gun is bent a bit. Still a nice piece.

    Honorable Mention #1 gives a glance at the original Dreadnaught fluff. That they were piloted by whole, hale Marines, not just wounded and nearly dead ones that were wired into the machine.

    Yeah, I like the Eldar for the paintjob. The freehand work is amazing, but the piece as a whole doesn't tell much of a story. The Marine piece feels more like something you might see in a real battle with the marines scouting the enemy from a rise. Also the bike's camo/stiping job is pretty amazing.

    1. Hi Tasha, yep it seems youre right, hes an Ogryn. He was so small i hardly recognised it!
      Call call on the pieces telling a story though. Good job i'm not a judge!

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