Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Showcase: Battle fleet Gothic, Rogue Trader Fleet.

BFG Rogue Trader fleet.

Hi guys, these are another OLD OLD piece (pieces?) that i produced probably as far back as 2008 maybe. wow it doesnt seem that long ago at all!

 These were the only Battlefleet gothic minis that i ever painted, and looking back at how much i liked them, I am thinking maybe I would like to do a couple more!

I remember at the time, people commenting on how the main cruiser looked like a Pre Heresy Emperors Children Space Marine battlebarge due to the purple and gold colours i chose, but it was purely cooincidental.

Sadly i no longer own these models as I stupidly sold them during a period of upheaval.
I do wonder where they are now.. I hope they are still surviving!

Have you ever painted BFG ships? How did that go?

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  1. Love, love & love painting BFG. Of all the GW lines, they were the most rewarding to paint for me. Fairly hard to mess up a paintjob, fairly easy to paint and convert them well and really satisfying to see them all running out in lines across a board. The sense of massive scale was rewarding too, related to $$$ in models.

    I'm onto my 3rd fleet now with an eye towards the next sometime over summer. That is saying a lot when I don't really have anybody to play BFG with!

    Finally, I love making space terrain (which has come in handy for the new Star Wars X Wing Miniatures game I started playing...)

    These look great, BTW!



    1. Hi mate, thanks for your comment, you say it's hard to mess the paint jobs up but I think I came close!
      So you have 3 fleets eh? I think we need to see them!

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