Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Games Workshop does Black Friday.

 Games Workshop does Black Friday.

Hi guys, well one was in my local (Norwich) GW last  weekend and one of the chaps in the store told me they would be running black friday deals in store this weekend.

Black friday at Games workshop!

Sadly the staffer wouldnt or couldnt tell me what the deals would be, just to come in.
I'm not really of the type to turn up and hope its something i want. if it was closer perhaps i would, but its a bit of a drive.

I dont remember deals since the days of White Dwarf coupons.
What do you guys reckon they will be? What would you like to see?

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  1. Some insight just came up!

    via Mistwarden from the Comment Sections Faeit 212.
    Can chime in about the black friday, will be run Friday Saturday and Sunday with exclusive bundles, think army boxes, stores find out what tomorrow in the briefing

  2. Hey,
    Exclusive bundles eh? That's better than I expected. I was thinking something along the lines of free glue with an army box etc!
    They need to be more specific and tell us in advance so we can plan if we want to go or not!