Sunday, 30 August 2015

Night lords tactical squad tester WIP

Hello everyone! 
So today I am trialong a new method of painting night lords.
I've painted these silver, wth a silver highlight via the airbrush then hit them with a Tamiya clear blue/red mix.
Going forward I will probably add a touch more red to the mix to get a little more of a violet hue.
Then I washed them all with a purple/blue and black wash.

I realise I should have painted a few silver highlights prior to the wash stage as that would have given my highlights the required hue.
But that's called learning!

Next up detailing! 


  1. Sometimes the highlights prior to wash are helpful, but I also find the wash makes everything very matte, so having a final edge highlight of metallic or brighter color post wash usually has some incredible pop. Both work, its just what you are looking for!

  2. Agreed, but as its a metallic colour with a glaze, i thought it might be hard to replicate for a highlight.
    i used mixed in some silver with my highlight colour in the end!
    should come out a bit better next time!